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Is Weightloss Surgery right for me?...

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Are you thinking, “Is weight loss surgery right for me?”

We’re Asking You:

  • Do you suffer from type 2 diabetes and inject yourself with insulin?


  • Do you suffer from sleep apnea or snoring and feel unrested?

  • Does your snoring wake up your partner?


  • Do you take medication to control your blood pressure?


  • Does joint and muscle pain limited your activity?   


  • Do you have a low libido?


  • Do you struggle to breathe?


  • Do you yo-yo diet, yet not have any success?


  • Do you wish you had the energy to “keep up” with everyone else?


  • Do you wish you looked different (thinner) when looking in the mirror?


  • Do you want to be there for your children and grandchildren?

If you are overweight and answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, weight loss surgery may be the answer for you! Most procedures are covered by insurance.


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Take the first step to change your life...

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