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Revision Surgery...

When is a Revision Surgery Performed?

Although over 80% of weight loss surgery patients succeed in maintaining expected weight loss over the long term,a small percentage do not achieve or maintain the desired results.  Issues may include:


  • Lapse in appropriate dietary and exercise behavior

  • Anatomic issues related to the initial surgery

  • The need for improvements of the initial surgery

  • Complications from the initial surgery

  • Weight gain after surgery

  • Enlarged gastric pouch

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

  • Problems swallowing

  • Ruptured or displaced gastric bands

  • Displaced gastric band ports


The initial assessment includes a review of the patient’s nutritional and exercise regimens to determine whether there is potential for behavioral improvement, and an assessment of the previously operated upon stomach. 


If Dr. Korman determines there is potential for modification or revision of the initial surgery to facilitate further weight loss, you can discuss other options in order to have a successful, long-term weight loss journey. 


As with the other weight loss surgeries, Dr. Korman performs these procedures laparoscopically. Dr. Korman performs several revision procedures. The options to consider depend on your needs and prior weight loss surgery history. It is important to take several factors into consideration from the initial surgery including: 


  • The progression of weight loss 

  • Complications and side effects 

  • How much time has passed


If  you are interested in learning more about revision surgery, schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Korman at 310-577-5540.


Revision Procedures...

Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery 

If you had gastric bypass surgery, it is possible for either the stomach pouch or the connection between the stomach pouch and intestine to stretch over time. This counteracts the feeling of satiety, or fullness, during meals. There are four options for bypass revision surgery.

Sleeve Revision Surgery

If a patient has not achieved the results they hoped for from a gastric sleeve, they may consider a sleeve revision procedure.

LapBand Revision | Band Revision Surgery


Although the LapBand procedure worked well for many people, it has had the highest number of failures, including suboptimal weight loss and problems with the device.  Band revision surgery can be a more aggressive approach that does not include a foreign body and delivers better outcomes. Two options include either undergoing a band to sleeve procedure or a band to bypass procedure. Dr. Korman will work with you to determine which procedure is the better choice for you individually.

Is Revision Surgery Right for Me?

Dr. Korman assesses whether patients are candidates for revision surgery during a preliminary consultation where your individual health concerns are addressed. You can schedule an appointment by calling our office directly: 310-577-5540.


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