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LapBand Revision | Band Revision Surgery...

Once a popular choice for a bariatric procedure, there are several reasons why patients need LapBand revision surgery. Although the LapBand procedure worked well for many people, it has had the highest number of failures, including suboptimal weight loss and problems with the device including erosion. **some of the issues include**:

  • Device malfunction

  • Chronic vomiting

  • Chronic pain from eating or Dysphagia

  • Chronic GERD may result in esophagitis

  • Esophageal dilatation or stretching of the esophagus from prolonged back pressure

  • Inadequate weight loss


Band revision surgery can be a more aggressive approach that does not include a foreign body and delivers better outcomes. Dr. Korman will work with you to determine which of the two options is the more optimal choice for you specifically. While both effective, the LapBand to Gastric Bypass is more aggressive than the LapBand to Gastric Sleeve procedure.

LapBand to Gastric Bypass
LapBand to Gastric Sleeve
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