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Dr Jeremy Korman - smart lipo before
Dr Jeremy Korman - Smart Lipo consulatation
Dr Jeremy Korman - Smart Lipo After

Who is a candidate for Smart Lipo?

Smart Lipo is the ideal complement for a patient who has lost weight after bariatric surgery, is close to their target weight, and has above average skin elasticity. This is important because the skin needs to be able to tighten over the targeted area where the Smart Lipo is used. Smart Lipo is a solution to removing “stubborn fat” that remains even with diet and exercise. Patients can lose up to 8 pounds from the procedure.


How is Smart Lipo performed?

A minimally invasive procedure, Smart Lipo uses laser treatment to target “trouble” spots including the abdomen, arms, buttocks, thighs, and neck to eliminate fat.


Since only local anesthesia is used, you are awake during the procedure. During the procedure, a Smart Lipo fiber is inserted through a small tube into your body that looks like a cannula. Instead of using a hollow tube to suck out fat, the Smart Lipo device has a laser tip that emits three wavelengths of thermal energy. As the laser tip emits the thermal energy, the fat cells rupture. These cells are removed from the body through the natural elimination process.

Smart Lipo tightens and tones the skin through blood cell coagulation and stimulates collagen. This helps to improve skin elasticity and tightness so that dimpling and sagging skin do not occur. The Smart Lipo tip also sculpts the body into an ideal shape by shifting around the underlying fat layers.

Patients prefer Smart Lipo to traditional liposuction because the downtime post procedure is much shorter (one to two days versus a few days to two weeks). There is much less pain and scarring associated with the procedure because the physician only makes tiny incisions.


The weight loss journey post-bariatric surgery is different for each patient. Smart Lipo is the ideal solution for eliminating the last pounds of excess fat for when a patient is close to their target weight.


To learn more about the Smart Lipo procedure, contact our office: 310-577-5540 or schedule a preliminary consultation here.

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