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  • Recognized as a top authority and resource for bariatric surgery

  • Established educational and support programs for surgeons and health care professionals

  • Patient Section educates bariatric patients on obesity as a disease and everything related to weight loss surgery procedures.

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  • Serves as a platform for individuals affected by obesity to connect

  • Fosters a society where obese individuals have access to advanced treatment options

  • Strives to create an environment where individuals are treated respectfully regardless of their weight 

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  • Bariatric support community which recognized need within the industry for programs promoting long-term success

  • Feature a five day R.E.S.E.T. program for individuals who may have lost focus of sidetracked from their weight loss goals

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  • Provides health information tying obesity to diabetes and related diseases

  • Includes information of clinical trials for bariatric surgeries

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