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Best Outdoor Exercise Locations in LA

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

While most of the country is shivering and banished to treadmills, residents and visitors in Los Angeles don’t have that problem. We compiled a guide of scenic walks, (easier) hikes, and if you’re really motivated - “stairs” workouts!

Marvin Braude bike path (Walk)

Commonly known as “The Strand,” (shown above) the bike path provides 22 miles of opportunity for visitors to walk, run, or bike all the way from Temescal Canyon Road at Will Rogers State Beach in the Palisades down to Torrance County Beach. Visitors may get confused at the end of the Venice Beach portion at Washington Blvd. where it looks like the path ends. However, the bike path resumes by traveling East on Washington until you reach Oxford Ave., where you continue right through a ride through the Marina. After navigating through the Marina, it's smooth sailing until the end.

Escondido Canyon (Walk + Hike)

Drive up Pacific Coast Hightway to Malibu’s Escondido Canyon. With parking for $8, enjoy a four mile hike that takes you on a dirt trail passing by some of Malibu’s spectacular homes through fennel fields until you enter a forest. At the famed part of the trail, the waterfalls may not exactly be rushing, but it makes for a good story. If you are seriously adventurous and are wearing sturdy hiking boots, attempt to climb the ⅓ mile hike next to the falls. Be prepared for lots of butt slides on the way down.

Arroyo Seco and Rose Bowl Loop (Walk)

Beginning at the lower Arroyo Seco parking lot, walk north and travel beneath the Colorado Street Bridge- formerly part of the historic Route 66. Continuing North, Arroyo Boulevard takes you on a 3.3 loop around the Rose Bowl and Brookside Golf Course. After passing underneath the 210, you turn right where the trail splits to head back to the Rose Bowl. Treat yourself with shopping at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, which takes place on the second Sunday of each month.