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We're Talking: Backwards Walking, Booze & zzzz, and... Ozempic Babies

The TikTok trend of walking backward, generating millions of views on TikTok, has garnered attention from health experts who acknowledge its potential fitness benefits. 

Why Walk Backwards?

Walking backwards, whether on a treadmill or outside, activates different muscle groups such as your quads and core. Additional benefits include increased balance ability, and cognitive focus. The improved cognitive focus can help with overall mental well-being.

Struggling with knee pain or recovering from an injury? According to this study, after six weeks, participants experienced a significant reduction in knee pain.

Safety considerations emphasize the importance of proper form and caution for individuals with specific health conditions. Recommendations include starting gradually, choosing appropriate paces such as 1-2 mph on a treadmill (or whatever feels comfortable if walking backwards outside)l, and maintaining correct posture. Even adding 5-10 minutes of walking backwards a few times per week and gradually increasing your time will be beneficial. Switching up your typical forward walking routine to backward can also be more fun, which increases the chances of sticking with an exercise routine. 

Yes, “Dry January” is over. But the relationship between alcohol and sleep quality is not over. Interestingly, the timing and quantity of alcohol consumption play significant roles.

For example, a glass of champagne at brunch won’t affect sleep that evening, however consuming alcohol closer to bedtime increases the likelihood of sleep disruption. 

Yes, consuming alcohol may help some individuals fall asleep faster, it disrupts the quality of sleep throughout the night. Research indicates that even moderate alcohol intake (1-2 beverages) before bed can lead to reduced-quality sleep, as the body metabolizes alcohol, causing interruptions in the sleep cycle.

Experts emphasize that while alcohol initially sedates the brain, it ultimately disturbs the brain’s stages of sleep while being metabolized. This leads to fragmented and less restorative rest. Studies, including a review of month-long alcohol abstention, show improved sleep in participants.

Experts recommend moderation and gradual reduction in alcohol intake, especially for habitual drinkers, to mitigate potential withdrawal symptoms and sleep disturbances.

Although not mentioned in the article, final sip for though: Alcoholic beverages are notoriously loaded with calories. Cutting back will only help you achieve your weight loss goals!

Platforms such as TikTok and Reddit are buzzing with the latest phenomenon: “ Ozempic babies.”

  1. Hormonal imbalances caused by obesity and metabolic orders, including PCOS, that typically cause infertility issues are corrected with the use of drugs such as Ozempic and Mounjaro.

  2. These weight loss medications actually can reduce the efficacy of birth control pills. 

Medical professionals warn women to stop these medications immediately if you become pregnant. Studies on animals indicate potential risks of miscarriage and birth defects if these medications are taken during pregnancy.

While acknowledging the low risk of unintended pregnancy when using effective birth control alongside weight loss medications, experts stress the importance of only using weight loss drugs if medically indicated and under supervision. 

For more information on weight loss procedures or medical weight loss options , schedule a consultation today with Dr. Korman: 310-577-5540 or Contact Us Today.

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