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A "Coca-cola-aholic" No More

A self-described “Coca-cola-aholic,” Pat, at age 56, had weight issues for twenty years. Working long hours at a desk job and not exercising, Pat’s sedentary lifestyle lead to high weight of 214lbs. At the height of 5’3”, this was an issue.  A diet heavy in cheesy foods and pizza contributed to the weight gain as well.

Even though she tried the Jenny Craig diet twice along with: Hydroxycut, the lemonade diet, and the cabbage soup diet, Pat would regain any weight she lost.

Pat also suffered from high blood pressure, asthma, and joint pain in her knee.

Pat Before Surgery

In July 2017, Pat’s family doctor diagnosed her with fatty liver, which was due to her excess weight. That was Pat’s breaking point. A friend happened to be a patient of Dr. Korman, and they referred Pat to him. They decided the gastric sleeve was the best option, which she underwent in August 2017.

The day after her surgery, Pat was able to walk around, which surprised her. She was back to work only two weeks later.

Today, Pat no longer has asthma flare ups, knee pain, and has had a reduction in her high blood pressure medication. At 162 lbs., she is only 7 pounds from her goal weight!

No More Coca-Cola...

Life is a lot different for Pat today- the recovering “coca-cola-aholic” has replaced her diet with the following:

Breakfast: coffee, oatmeal with sliced apple

Lunch: half of a sandwich or a large salad

Dinner: Pat’s tricks involve halving everything when she goes out to eat and immediately getting half in a to-go container. At home, she uses small plates.

Snacks: banana, grapes, beef jerky, or almonds (uses ziplock bags for portion control)

Pat also has a new rule- no soda! Only unsweetened iced tea and water for her.

For an exercise regimen, Pat and her husband decided to join a walking club. Starting slow, they did 20 minutes of walking. Their goal is to walk five miles. For a core workout, Pat also does 100 sit ups every day.

Pat is fortunate to have support groups right at work on an air force base. Each year, her co-workers have their own “biggest loser” competition. This past year, Pat’s group won.

The "Biggest Loser" is a Winner!

Pat recommends Dr. Korman to anyone. She says, “Dr. Korman makes you feel so comfortable and explains everything so clearly. He makes the process much easier and the embarrassed feeling of being overweight go away.”

Before surgery, Pat said the nutrition classes were very helpful in preparing her for how she would need to eat from then on.

Pat is open about her surgery. She loves watching the size of her clothes decrease. Although Pat may be physically smaller, but in her mind, she is still big. She has noticed her face feels different and she can cross her legs at the knee. It also doesn't hurt that

"men are beginning to notice me more at work and treat me more kindly now that I'm smaller."

Overall, Pat is a much happier person and looking forward to staying on track.

Over the course of this whole journey, the most important thing that has occurred is making up her mind to make a change and deciding to do it. It’s the only way to get your confidence back.

We're excited to follow along as you travel down this journey, Pat!

To learn more or schedule a consultation with Dr. Korman, contact us here or call the office: 310-577-5540.

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