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Can You Reach Your Goal Weight? Dave Proves It’s Attainable

Patient: Dave

Age: 48

Height: 6’1”

Highest Weight: 345 lbs.

BMI: 45.5

Current Weight: 218 lbs.

BMI: 28

Goal Weight: 225 lbs. (he’s under!)

BMI: 28

Bariatric Surgery: Gastric Sleeve

Surgery Date: October 2020

Largest Size: 48 waist, XXXL shirts

Current Size: 36 waist, L shirts

Weight related diseases: sleep apnea, high blood pressure, joint issues in feet and knees

Medications: cpap, 3 meds for high blood pressure

Life Before Surgery

Imagine being on a diet to lose weight when you were just six years old. You don’t even know what a calorie is at that age. That was how old Dave was when he was put on a diet. And it didn’t stop there. The dieting continued throughout childhood and high school. Dave remembers skipping breakfast and lunch and only eating dinner. While at one point in high school Dave did lose 25 pounds over the course of a year, he later gained that weight back and additional pounds as well.

In 2000, Dave did have significant weight loss success while living in Chicago. He lost 100 pounds by biking everywhere, exercising by playing basketball or lifting weights and choosing healthier food options, such as fruits and vegetables. During this time, Dave had a job in television where healthy lunches were served.

However, he switched jobs and began working for the famous comedy club, Second City, full time. Since he was on the road all the time, Dave wasn’t exercising or eating healthy foods. This led to a 30 pound weight gain.

In 2004, Dave suffered from a severe back injury and needed to have surgery. During his recovery, Dave continued to gain weight. This wasn’t his only injury. Dave also tore his ACL six months later which required surgery as well. Between both surgeries, Dave spent a total of five years in physical therapy. During this time, Dave’s weight did fluctuate, however the trend was a steady gain.

In 2010, Dave moved to Los Angeles with his wife. When they had a child, Dave had even less time to be active. Dave even started going to Overeaters Anonymous in 2015 in an attempt to get his eating habits under control.

Dave remembers days he would get out of the car and limp because the pressure on his heels and feet was so severe due to excess weight. Because of having such severe prior injuries, Dave was afraid to push himself to exercise.

Dave was working with an orthopedic surgeon who explained he was going to need surgery on his heels. This procedure would have been debilitating and the road to recovery would have been nothing short of excruciating.