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Patient Spotlight: Mark S.

Let us introduce you our patient, Mark Sartoris, who initially saw Dr. Korman in October 2017. The following were Mark’s pre-procedure statistics:

Age: 42 Weight: 250 lbs.

Height: 5’8”

BMI: 37.5

Procedure: December 2017 - gastric sleeve

Life Pre-Procedure:

Mark maintained what he describes as a “poor diet.” He would drink a lot with his co-workers and then overeat. At the office, when people brought food such as donuts, Mark would eat these fattening foods mindlessly. As far as physical activity, Mark would work out the gym 2-3 times per week, but did so irregularly.

Mark’s father and sister both had gastric bypasses several years ago and have successfully maintained their weight loss. During a conversation with his father, the only regret he had was not getting the procedure sooner. This resonated with Mark and he started looking into weight-loss procedures. After an hour long consultation where Dr. Korman answered all of Mark’s questions, they decided the gastric sleeve procedure would be the best choice for Mark.

Life Post-Procedure:

In December 2017, Mark underwent the gastric sleeve procedure. In just four months, Mark has achieved a remarkable weight loss of 60 lbs, down to 190 lbs.

Mark has achieved this success by implementing a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Recognizing that weight loss procedures are an effective tool, Mark knows he still has to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle permanently. He follows a keto / paleo diet which focuses on consuming foods that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. We asked Mark if he has any specific tips or tricks he has learned along his weight loss journey. Mark has found new ways to prepare foods he loves by removing the carbs and sugar and replacing them with healthy alternatives. His favorites include:

  1. When eating a burger, eat it in a lettuce wrap instead of a bun.

  2. When making pizza, use ground chicken or cauliflower for the crust.

  3. Incorporate avocado into a brownie recipe for a healthy fat, moist version.

Mark has also decided to abstain from alcohol, as it is empty calories and only makes him want to eat more food. Four times per week, Mark does Cross Fit and a strength training workout. Although Mark does want to lose an additional 20-25 lbs., he is not obsessing over achieving this goal.

In addition, Mark attends all the support groups at the Marina Weight Loss Center, which he feels is a key tool to achieving weight loss success. Mark benefits from being with a group of people who understand what he is experiencing through this journey, without feeling judged. Most importantly, since having the gastric sleeve procedure, Mark feels comfortable in his own skin and wants to socialize more often. He even loves shopping now. When Mark walks, he doesn’t slouch anymore. Instead, he feels confident and he is ready to face the world head on.

To learn more or schedule a consultation with Dr. Korman, contact us here or call the office: 310-577-5540.

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