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Patient Spotlight: Michelle

April 8, 2013:

  • Michelle gave herself a birthday present: she underwent bariatric surgery.

  • No post-procedure pain.

  • She was only required to stay in the hospital overnight.

  •  Dr. Korman gives her a tiny fork, spoon, and bowl to compare the portion sizes her new stomach size would be able to tolerate.

October 2013:

  • Michelle is down to a size 14 dress!

  • Her feet have shrunk from a 8.5 down to a size 7.

  • She buys high heels and gets rid of the crocs.                          

  • Feeling more confident, she starts engaging in more social activities.

May 2014:

  • Michelle reaches her goal weight of 145 lbs. and a size 8.

  • She can now wear some of her daughter's clothes! 

May 2016:

  • She fits into that little black dress!

While Michelle was not a participant in the studies mentioned in the New York Times article, her story correlates with the effects from bariatric surgery. Like many bariatric surgery candidates, Michelle suffered from type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol in addition to being severely overweight. Both of these co-morbidities have gone into remission since her procedure. With a healthy BMI and weight-related health issues no longer present, this addresses Michelle's physical state. 

"I feel like a new person. My daughter is no longer embarrassed to bring me around her friends. I don't hide when people take pictures."

"My career has completely changed. As a Physician Liaison for several surgeons, I now walk into medical practices with my head held high. I am confident and unafraid to approach people. As a result, my work performance has improved drastically."

To learn more or schedule a consultation with Dr. Korman, contact us here or call the office: 310-577-5540.

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