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Patient Spotlight: Patty


Patti before Weight Loss Surgery

Patti after Weight Loss Surgery

Originally, Patty was referred to Dr. Korman by an orthopedic surgeon. She had a back injury which required surgery. However, this wasn’t feasible due to her excess weight. Before Patty visited an orthopedic surgeon, a physician had never discussed the option of undergoing a weight-loss procedure with her.

At the time Patty underwent the gastric sleeve procedure in May 2015, she was 38 years old, weighed 341 lbs. at the height of 6’0” and a BMI of 46.2. Within a year, she lost 70 lbs., and still maintains a weight of 229 lbs. (BMI: 31.1) Patty is able to proudly  say that although she has gone through periods of a weight plateau, she has never regained any weight.

Patty maintains follow-up sessions with Dr. Korman every 3-6 months and attends the clinic’s monthly support groups. Before Patty’s surgery, she couldn’t even walk 1/4 mile. Now, part of her weight maintenance program includes walking. In fact, she walks to and from Dr. Korman’s office when she has an appointment- 10 miles round trip. She increased her physical activity by 10x!

When asked to comment on what makes Dr. Korman’s bedside manner unique, Patty states, “His compassion makes him stand out. He really cares about each of his patients.”

To learn more or schedule a consultation with Dr. Korman, contact us here or call the office: 310-577-5540.

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