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"Power Couple" Loses a Combined 120 Pounds!



Yolanda Tony

Age: 44 Age: 47

Height: 5’4” Height: 5'9"

Starting Weight: 258 lbs. Weight: 230 lbs.

Surgery: Gastric sleeve   Surgery: Gastric Sleeve

Surgery Date:8/13/18 Surgery Date: 8/27/18



Yolanda Tony

Current Weight 177lbs. Current Weight: 162lbs.

Total Weight Lost: 81lbs. Total Weight Lost: 68lbs.


As our saying goes: “the couples who lose weight together, stay together.”

This is true for patients Yolanda and Antonio, who have been together for over twenty years!

Although Yolanda was thin when she met Antonio in 1987, life presented challenges which served as the cause for her weight gain. When Yolanda was 39, she got pregnant for a second time, and sadly suffered a miscarriage. Yolanda became depressed: she stopped eating well and being active by doing exercise classes such as Zumba. Yolanda also had her gallbladder removed, which also caused her weight to skyrocket.

For almost 20 years, Yolanda yo-yo dieted with no success. “I was on a diet longer than I wasn’t,” Yolanda explained of her lifestyle.  She tried everything including: HCG shots, the 10-day lemonade diet, Atkin’s diet, Weight Watchers, and Jenny Craig. As a result of her weight gain, Yolanda had severe knee pain and suffered from high blood pressure. Finally, it occurred to her that, “I put myself in this position. I have to get myself out.”

Antonio had always struggled with his weight. When his father had a heart attack in 2017, Antonio became fearful this would be in his future as well. The final straw was when Antonio was put on medication for diabetes. He also suffered from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea, for which he was also on medication.

Compounding these issues, Yolanda and Antonio had similar eating habits. They are both stress eaters and come from families were food is a central focus (however interestingly enough, neither of them come from families whose members are overweight). With go-to foods such as ice-cream, pasta, bread, and a lack of portion control, it is no surprise Yolanda and Antonio’s weights needed to be addressed.

After researching online (specifically, Yolanda and Antonio decided to work with Dr. Korman. They decided to undergo the gastric sleeve procedure. Yolanda went first on August 13, 2018 and was followed by Antonio on the 27th. At this point, Yolanda was 258 lbs., and 5’4”. Antonio was 230 lbs., and 5’9”. The hospital staff referred to them as the “power couple.”

A week after Antonio’s surgery, his mother passed away. He had to fly to Mexico for the funeral services and to be with his father. While grieving, Antonio allowed himself to regroup and take time to evaluate his life. After further self-evaluation and the desire to make a career change, Antonio decided that with the surgery, he was going to become healthy and change his life. Losing his mother made Antonio realize how short life is.

3 Months Later

Fast forward to November, 2018, life became much different for Antonio, Yolanda, and their 12 year old daughter. Antonio is completely off of his medications as all his weight related conditions went into remission. Yolanda, who was inactive before her surgery can now “walk for miles,” and swims laps in the “adult lane” next to her daughter while she is at swim practice. Antonio is back to swimming as well and working with a personal trainer to lift weights. As a family, they go on hikes on the weekend!

Yolanda is in charge of planning the meals for the family, which include healthy replacements such as spaghetti squash instead of pasta. Yolanda has adopted the keto and intermittent dieting techniques, only eating from 11am-7pm.  

As a result? After three months, the couple lost a combined 120lbs. With this momentum, Yolanda’s mind is thinking big activities, smaller sizes. Her goal weight is 140lbs., from which she is only 30lbs. away. Yolanda says, “I want my body to match my mind.” She is going to start yoga/pilates, and start bike riding again. And not just around the block- Yolanda plans for the family to be able to ride from El Segundo to Santa Monica. Tony and Yolanda aren’t stopping at biking. They plan to train for a 5k and work up to a marathon.

Yolanda’s favorite parts of post-op life include being able to walk up a flight of stairs without needing to use the railing, seeing a waistline, and buying a size 12 dress.

Yolanda is adamant that weight loss surgery is not a quick fix. “This is a tool. If you don’t change your habits, nothing will change. This is not easy. Do your research so you know what to expect. Keep with the program and you won’t regret it. Come to your appointments with questions.”

As far as working with Dr. Korman? “He does not overpromise. He is encouraging and supportive. Dr. Korman keeps you in reality. This is not easy. It’s not a quick fix. Do your research so  you know what to expect. Keep with the program and you won’t regret it. You see the results, it’s worth the surgery. Come to your appointments with questions.”

Yolanda has also gone online for additional support through groups on social media, including Dr. Korman’s new support group on Facebook. She expresses to prospective patients that, “you see the results, and it’s worth the surgery.”


6 Month Mark Progress

Yolanda and Antonio, crossed their six-month mark post surgery officially as of February 13th.  Yolanda, is now 177lbs., so close to her goal weight of 140-150lbs! Antonio, 5’9” has maintained his healthy weight of 165lbs.

Yolanda and Antonio passed any dieter’s nightmare, the holiday season, like champions. Over Thanksgiving, the family of three traveled to Mexico, but stuck to their diets. They cooked separate, healthier versions of Thanksgiving dishes for themselves, and walked everywhere throughout their trip.

Just as it is for most people, the Holiday season was a little rougher between parties, weddings, and Christmas itself. Yolanda stopped her workouts and ate what she calls a “lazy keto” diet. For example, at a wedding, she would eat the meal that was served but not eat any dessert (not even the cake). As a result of a more relaxed diet and exercise regimen, Yolanda did not lose any weight within a 2-3 week period.

But that’s okay, Yolanda is back in action. She is back on track with preparing healthy meals, finding recipe ideas on Pinterest (she swears by this) and baking foods “keto” style. With intermittent fasting, Yolanda says she has more energy and sees results quickly. To monitor her food intake, Yolanda also keeps a food journal on a bariatric app.

In addition to currently swimming twice per week, Yolanda has other active goals for the near future. She plans to join the gym down the street from her house and to get back into bike riding and running once summer starts.She has to keep shopping as well- she is down to a size 10 from a size 12 in November and has now lost a total of 50 inches from her body!

Yolanda stays adamant that if she had to do the process all over again, she would, “definitely do it, 110%.” Her encouraging words to prospective patients are: “You will lose weight if you stick to the plan.”

You may be wondering what happened to Antonio’s career. As time progressed and Antonio’s weight decreased, he eventually went from a size XXL to a Medium. He also decided to search for a new professional challenge. Antonio’s weight loss surgery was as a springboard for newfound confidence and self-esteem. As a result, Antonio was able to interview, negotiate compensation, and proudly accept the position as the new Director of Sales and Marketing for the AC Hotel opening this spring in El Segundo.

Before Antonio started his new position, he was able to take time off work. He took well-deserved time off for the holidays to have quality time with the family. Antonio decided to also take care of some home improvement projects. He continued losing weight during this time and was able to do some home projects with the help of some contractors. These included repainting the family home, repairing the backyard fence and creating a beautiful floral garden in honor of his dearly beloved mother to honor her life now and into the future.

Antonio says of Yolanda, “We supported each other during pre-op, during the two operations and post-op recovery. It was tough, but, we helped each other select healthy choices for meals and planned to exercise together.”

“Yolanda is more than my sweetheart , she is my hero for being brave, and to persevere and stay on track with the plan. Follow the advice from the medical staff and that will help get through the recovery, continue a healthy weight-loss and then maintaining healthy lifestyle.”

“If we can do it, anyone with determination can do it too.” Yolanda and Antonio, we are so proud of your efforts that have translated into transforming your lives. We look forward to keeping up with your progress!

To learn more or schedule a consultation with Dr. Korman, contact us here or call the office: 310-577-5540.

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