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The 100 Pound Epiphany

Danielle Before & After Surgery

Pictured: Danielle

Age: 33

Surgery date: August 22, 2017

Starting weight: 232 lbs.

Goal weight: 135 lbs.

Current weight, 129 lbs.

Referred by a prior patient, Danielle sought the assistance of Dr. Korman in March of 2017. At the time, Danielle had been long suffering a number of ailments including polycystic ovarian syndrome and hypothyroidism; both of which create significant negative hormonal impacts resulting in difficulty maintaining a healthy weight.  Despite adjustments to her eating habits, exercise, and experimenting with a number of prescriptions to keep her conditions at bay for years, her weight continued to climb.

In late 2016, she had an epiphany. Danielle believed that in decreasing the quantity she was physically able to consume, she would be able to gain better control over what her body was able to metabolize in conjunction with a closely monitored low-carb lifestyle, moderate physical activity, and an adjustment to her medication regimen. Now two years post-op, Danielle has been able to successfully maintain a 103 lb. weight loss and significantly decrease the number of prescription medications she must take as a direct result of having underwent a sleeve gastrectomy.

Danielle attributes her overall success to the support of Dr. Korman and his team as well as her own dedication to the program. Catching up with Danielle, she had this to offer - “It’s been an interesting journey, thus far. There have been ups and downs. Setbacks and victories. I’ve overheard a number of people over the years comment as to weight loss surgery being the ‘easy way out’. I can tell you now that nothing could possibly be further from the truth. A surgical procedure is a tool provided to us by highly skilled surgeons such as Dr. Korman. However, an outcome of success truly rests on the shoulders of the patient. Follow the rules: be sure to make it to your follow-up appointments, take your vitamins, exercise and eat according to plan, attend support groups if necessary, and surround yourself with like-minded individuals who have your health, happiness and best interest at heart. Most importantly, lean on your surgical team for guidance. There are no words to adequately express the quality of my experience with Dr. Korman and his team. If you’re considering embarking upon this journey, look no further than Marina Weight Loss. It’ll be the best damn decision you’ll ever make for yourself.”

To learn more or schedule a consultation with Dr. Korman, contact us here or call the office: 310-577-5540.

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